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About Our Organization

JustMap Foundation (JMF) uses rigorous analytics to give charitable donors new tools for identifying strategically important—yet underfunded and under-recognized—nonprofits and innovative initiatives working to achieve social justice goals. On crucial issues ranging from keeping kids in school and out of the prison pipeline to mitigating climate change, we conduct research, share what we learn, and support advocacy to change long-term systemic inequities. We incorporate and value the input of community members affected by these issues.

A 501(c)(3) private foundation, JMF maps the complex interrelated elements of social justice challenges, enabling donors to visualize how individual nonprofit organizations fit into the broader nonprofit landscape. We complement the work of other organizations that deeply profile individual nonprofits. These maps can reveal that related nonprofits are counterproductively competing with one another, collaborating on a common goal without realizing it, or collectively struggling to achieve their goal due to a common obstacle. We believe these innovative insights empower donors to focus and maximize the social justice impacts of their charitable contributions.


Our First Initiatives

Our first maps are in development and we look forward to sharing them.

Climate Change Technology

To reverse global warming, we know we must slow emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gasses and ultimately remove them from the atmosphere. A growing number of organizations promote behavioral, technological, and policy changes to confront the drivers of climate change (e.g. Project Drawdown illustrates 76 ways we can address greenhouse gas pollution from cars, ships, agriculture, and buildings). So which specific technologies and policies are most likely to make a difference, support new jobs and industries, and accelerate the transition to a climate positive economy?

For a range of climate-related goals (e.g. inexpensive solar energy), JMF maps technologies down to the level of specific companies and laboratories to understand and compare their performance and cost characteristics and opportunities for application. By showing which technologies could make a difference if encouraged by the right policies, we support efforts to create a more virtuous alignment between our planet’s health and technology markets. For example, knowing that a technology is likely to be good enough for a particular purpose within 5 years can allow communities, businesses, and even entire countries to plan for implementation.

Our endeavor is fundamentally about hope. We recognize the fears and anxiety for what our children will inherit if we do not act fast enough, and are inspired by human ingenuity to believe that science and technology can drive climate positive change. So we analyze and map what is possible.

Keeping Kids in School and Out of Trouble

We follow a 14 year old Dorchester/Mattapan/Roxbury boy trying to make his way through the school day successfully. We illustrate what leads to trouble and take stock of the way Boston nonprofits help now and what more we can do.

Why is this important?

Suspended or expelled students are more likely to be held back or drop out and are significantly more likely to get caught up in the juvenile justice system and be incarcerated. High school dropouts are also more likely to become incarcerated, which can have a multi-generational effect; children with a parent in prison are more likely to experience trauma, emotional difficulties, and struggle with school.*

If you or your family has input on this, we are interested in hearing from you. Please let us know what Boston area nonprofits you think are making the most impact to keep kids in school and out of prison.

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Launched in September 2020, this is an exciting opportunity to join a team that will pioneer an innovative funding strategy.

We are a fast-paced, creative, and adaptable organization looking for team members with a passion for social justice and an interest in addressing social inequities.

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